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Dog Collars

Comfort Fit Pet Dog Collar is created with Metric 66 material that comfortably hugs your dog

Possibly the most comfortable dog collar on the market

Soft pillows in dog collars

Special Padded "Pillow Pockets"

Soft “pillow like” pockets on the inside of the collar reduces the strain on your pet’s neck

High quality accessories of dog collars

High Quality Accessories

We carefully craft our pet products with an attention to detail and a focus on comfort

Embossed design of dog collars

Unique Embossed Design

Metric 66 is ideally suited to create all sorts of 3 dimensional objects using any colours imaginable

5 COLORS to choose from

Select your favourite colour below to see a preview

Blue color dog collar
Black color dog collar
Red color dog collar
Pink color dog collar
Purple color dog collar

Suitable for any type of dog, let it be small or big

Features of Metric Products dog collars

Soft Padded Dog Collars

Enhanced Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Collars

Dog Harness Type 5

Dog Harness Type 3

Dog Harness Type 1