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Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury

We are committed to using the finest materials and innovative designs to create products that you can rely on

Bra cups and underwires

Bra Cups & Underwires

Our bra cups and underwires have been used for more than 70 years by leading intimate apparel and swimwear manufactures worldwide

Eye masks

Sleep Masks

Drift to Sleep sleeping mask does not put pressure on the eyes, block lights and allows you to blink freely. They are super soft and lightweight

Ear Plugs

Made out of extra-soft, extra light foam. Their tapered shape fits easliy in the ear canal allowing them to seal gently and snugly without pressure

Dog Harness

Our dog harnesses are created with our unique Metric 66 soft material that closely hugs your dog

Dog Collars

Comfort Fit Pet Dog Collar is created with Metric 66 material that comfortably hugs your dog

Can Sleeves

Our 12-pack Metric USA Can Cooler Sleeves keep your drinks cold, making every sip a refreshing delight

Wobble Fixers

Discover the ultimate solution for unstable furniture and uneven surfaces with our cuttable Wobble Fixer shims

Luggage Handle Wraps

Made with soft, cushiony Foam material, they transform your luggage’s handle into a cloud of comfort

Engineered for Ultimate Comfort

All of our products are made with premium materials and have been designed to provide the utmost comfort

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Our company has been operating for over 70 years and has been growing successfully while getting the appreciation of all our customers
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We’ve gotten one before for our dog and she just outgrew it so we got the next size up. It’s very comfortable for her and the built quality is very good. Yes it traps a lot of her hair on it and you have to clean the ​Velcro out once in a while but it’s such a good harness that we prefer this (and our dog enjoys wearing this) more than some of the very expensive harnesses out there like the Kong!

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Soft Padded Dog Collars

Dog Harness Type 5

Dog Harness Type 3

Dog Harness Type 1